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Blatant Aggression against Republic of Somaliland is Nothing New: Somaliland Enemies have the Will and Attitude to Do Us Harm

Sat 26 May 2018.


They have the attitude and the orientation that Somaliland should not exist and not existing according to their opinion. They have the will, the attitude and orientation to attack Somaliland and wiped it out from the face of the earth, but the one thing missing is the power and prowess to change that into reality. These fictional conflict is not about “Toka Rug or Sool,” It is about the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland. It is about the old school theories harbored by the recycled leaders of what is left of the former Somali Republic; along the lines that Somalilanders has no rights and they can’t be independent. I believe these warlords and charlatans are mistaken, they are terrible miscalculators, they know they have no power to subjugate Somaliland. They want to sabotage and distract Somailand from its path of rapid progress it has been pursuing for the last 30 years. They are not good readers of history. They know the situation in their country is fluid, they know they are not even fully independent. They know they do not have enough power to harm Somaliland, despite all that, and despite the enormous endless problems they face, their hatred towards Somaliland supersede all that, and it is that attitude that made them attack Somaliland before they have the ability to put together formidable army that match the powerful Somaliland defense forces and its people. Somaliland has dedicated people who if mobilized could instantly in thousands take their weapons and go to the battle. Somaliland is blessed with people who could instantly respond if the government requests them to do so.

 These immature and pointless attacks will just galvanize and harden the people of Somaliland. It made the people of this country run out of patience. This may make their next attack against Somaliland into an all out war where Somaliland Defense Forces and the people of Somaliland will not be restrained, but be on the attack and pursue the attackers to their territory. The only thing that many disparate groups in Somalia who are jogging to get a piece of the diminished state have in common is their intense hatred against Somaliland. If they have the power and the military ability they will not hesitate to attack and wipe out Somaliland. Somaliland is ready for an all out war to be waged against it. Some of Somaliland enemies are radical remnants of the now defunct Siyad Bare’s regime still holding the grudge of losing that regime. 15th of May’s aggression that coincided with Somaliland’s Independence Day did not happen by accident. It was a calculated and coordinated military attack.  Somaliland should eventually cross the border pursing the attackers into the territories they come from.  

Now it is clear there is nothing new here. We all know and the broken world and the dictatorships around us know there was no government in Somalia since 1991 with the exception of few tenuous tribal entities some of which are more or less functioning. These so-called regional governments and the entity in Mogadishu are a bunch of rivals aggressively jogging for the meager handouts from the broken international system. This is the type of international system that calls this Mogadishu coterie a government. If the collection of ragtag soldiers from some parts of Africa leaves today, an all out civil war will erupt again and the figment government in Mogadishu will instantly disappear. Despite all their problems, despite their weaknesses, lack of institutions such as the judiciary and other government organs, despite their inability to control except few miles in Mogadishu, they make their major priority the connivance, conspiracy, persistent propaganda and sometimes military aggression against Somaliland. There is nothing new here. The attack on the Somaliland borders is nothing new and part of the pattern and denial against the existence and independence of Somaliland Republic for the last 27 years. This has been going on since the first Mogadishu figment has been made in Djibouti in the year 2000.

The question is why their rhetoric and the recent aggression on the 14/15 against Somaliland were stepped up this time. We know and remember the outcry of the Mogadishu entity against the agreement between DP world, Somaliland, and Ethiopia. The signing of that agreement has sidelined the Mogadishu coterie and rendered them meaningless and put into a clear prospective that have no control at all against Somaliland. That made extremely angry, and that is why they have prematurely attacked Somaliland on the 14/15 of May. That will not be the last attack, but the next attack and attacks will be different this time, Somaliland Defense Forces, and it people will wage a massive counter offensive.


 Prof. Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer, political Commentator and a senior science instructor



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