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Somaliland should have been granted its right of nationhood from the day the people of Somaliland declared their withdrawal from the union with Somalia

Mon 02 April 2018.

 The Somliland people gained their independence June 2, 1960 from the British Colony, and five days letter July 1, 1960 joined Somalia in search of a  doobie Great Somalia. In return the Somaliland people were cheated of their independence and nationhood, instead of fair power sharing Somalia leaders took most important government positions, like presidency and  premiership, late  Aden Abdule Osman was elected president and Abdirashid Sharmarke was nominated prime minster both from Somalia , where  non essential cabinet positions were given to Somaliland leaders, late Muhamad Haji Ibrahim Egal who was leading the Somaliland delegation was nominated defense minster of Somalia while his colleagues took non important positions. There was widespread of  distortion, discrimination and injustice against Somaliland military officer by Italy trained Somalia police officer who had no clue of military task, which lead to aborted military coup against Somalia by Somaliland Military officers in 1961, which was the beginning of Somaliland people struggle to reclaim the lost nationhood and independence. 
          The main reason why  Somaliland people joined Somalia and scarified their nationhood was driven by the Pan African nationalism movement in 1950s and 1960s against the European colonizers, to unite the Somali ethnic separated  by the boundaries created by Italy, England and France. The Somaliland people,  country was the only country which rejected the boundaries created and put between the Somali people by the European colonizers.  
           In the beginning 1980s until 1991 Somalia late dictator Siad Barre executed and buried in mass graves as many as 200, 000 men, women and children in retaliation against the SNM, Somali National Movement, formed by elite Somaliland military officers, including current Somaliland president Muse Bihi to topple the dictatorial regime of Barre. Which led to the ouster of Siad military regime and declaration and re-claim of  Somaliland independence lost in 1960 for doobie Great Somalia.The Somaliland people were  killed and massacred by Somalia government of Siad Barre, in the name of the name of "The sovereignty and the territorial Integrity is sacred"
           Today the nephew of Siad Barre, Farmajo, Somalia president is beating the drums of same slogan "The sovereignty and the territorial Integrity of Somalia  is sacred"  with the help of  Turkish government training. re-building his military infrastructure and  personnel to wage a proxy war against Somaliland from Puntland,  which militia and federal forces begun massing near the border of Tukaraq, Somaliland, to sabotage the DP World, Somaliland and Ethiopia joint agreement to develop and invest Port Barbara of Somaliland located  in an strategic location of Gulf of Aden,  which Turkey is eyeing to take control of like Moqdisho port and Air port to limit the access of the Arab world to the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and African trade , particularly the massive Ethiopian customer .The Somaliland people's freedom, democracy  and independence came with heave price of sacrifice and shed of blood. The six million question is will the UN and international community grant Somaliland recognition and it's right place of UN member or keep awarding the failed state Somalia until she  ready  to wage a proxy war against Somaliland and destabilize the Horn of Africa?                      
     Somaliland should have been granted its right of nationhood from the day the people of Somaliland declared their withdrawal from the union from  Somalia. So many countries/nations in the world united and became one nation and when the marriage didn’t work went their own separate way. Egypt and Syria  were united and then went their own separate way when the joint failed to work. Ironically Somaliland which united with Somalia, unlike the Arabs or African Nations/Ethnic groups, who failed to unite after they gained their independence are now hesitant to recognize Somaliland instead of supporting. 
        First to become a nation based on AU and UN definitions or Charters, you have to have an internationally recognized boundaries created by an European colonizers, and also had gained your independence from that particular colonizer.
      Eritrea is a nation today, because it had been colonized separately from the rest of Ethiopia. And if the Oromo nation were colonized  separately from the rest of Ethiopia, Oromia would have been a nation today, the largest ethnic group of Ethiopia, ten times larger than Eritrea, population wise. Fortunately the Ethiopian Federal Government adopted Federal system which allows all Ethiopian nationalities to be self-governed.
       Eritrea is also a nation today, because the Ethiopia Federal  Government acknowledged the international law, and handed Eritrea its independence, instead of choosing  the continuation of  bloodshed between the two brotherly people.
     The People of Somaliland are entitled to gain their nationhood and recognition from the rest of the World particularly the AU and the UN. like any other nation that fulfills the criterion to be nation enjoys their nationhood. Somaliland is not different from Djibouti or Eritrea.
     The Kurdish people are denied their right to be a nation simply, because the Kurdish territory was divided by the colonizer, as one part went to Iraq colonizer, another part went Iran colonizer, and more parts went Syria and Turkey. No one can deny that the Kurdish people are not Turkish, Arabs or Persians, but those countries refused to accept the uniqueness of these people/Kurdish and refused to grant them nationhood and independence because their argument is based on the boundaries that were left behind by the colonizers. And simply because the Kurdish  territory was not colonized by a particular European country, neither the UN nor any  another  international  organization  recognizes the nationhood of the Kurdish people. Where on the other hand Somaliland who meets the conditions to be nation is denied its right to be a nation
      There are  193 counties in the world that are member states of the United Nations. The citizens of the  193 countries or  nations gained their independence from a foreign occupier or own tyranny  after a bloody war and struggle for freedom and  independence which led to a territorial claim,  membership and a seat at  the United Nations. Even though most the citizens of nations  enjoy and relish their  hard earned freedom and independence, some think they were better off under foreign occupier instead of own tyranny and dictators who are killing and committing atrocities against innocent civilians and dissidents of a particular ethnic, clan or religion in the name of sovereignty and territorial integrity, a license and permission from UN. 
     The Assad regime of Syria and his allies are committing crimes against humanities, wisely using their license, membership and permission from UN. Turkey, Iraq and Syria  are also killing innocent Kurdish people and freedom fighters by exploiting their UN credential. The Myanmar regime is an other UN member committing crimes against humanities against the Rohingya people simply for being Muslim and non Hindu, the perpetrators who have committed  crimes against humanity in any country or above listed countries will not be held accountable, because"The sovereignty and the territorial Integrity of X or Y country is sacred" is a UN license and permission to kill and commit genocide   
    Mohamud Aden Samatar


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