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The so-called negotiations between the Republic of Somaliland and the international-propped Somalia will be fruitless and a waste of time by Prof. Suleiman Egeh

Tue 20 February 2018.


27 years passed since the former Somalia dictator Siyad Barre was toppled, and the second Republic of Somaliland has reborn. After 27 years Somaliland became a democratic state that peacefully went through five free and fair presidential elections, and two parliamentary, and municipal elections. Somaliland has rebuilt its country and infrastructure. In Somalia after nearly 18 internationally sponsored conferences a government was stalled in Mogadishu. This nominal government is propped by 22, 000 AU troops and it is still a basket case on paper government that does not represent anyone. Somaliland did not get much economic or developmental fund from the unfair broken world led by a crumbling so-called United Nations run by unelected bureaucrats who obtain huge salaries and other types of benefit. This is the same unfair world that called the rump and unviable Somalia a legitimate government, while democratic Somaliland that has done everything by its own unrecognized state. I believe this is not important at all, what is important Somaliland to move on keep building its economical, y, educational, and health infrastructures.




The republic of Somaliland is surrounded by dictatorships. There was one semi democratic state in the whole region-Kenya and that country itself is going through a very serious political stalemate, because half of the Kenyan population thinks last presidential election was stolen from Raila Odinga, the opposition candidate. Ethiopian prime minister has recently resigned followed massive demonstrations and unrest in Ethiopia. State of emergency was imposed and the things are trending Ethiopia is heading to a difficult situation where nobody can predict what will happen. Though the dictatorships surrounding Somaliland are superficially friendly to Somaliland, deep down, they are extremely jealous about Somaliland ability to build up democratic institutions from scratch, something they failed to do.

In Ethiopia the leader of the group that toppled Mengistu died  in 2012 after ruling Ethiopia for nearly 20 years. In the span of those 20 years Ethiopia barely conducted one parliamentary election where the ruling party rigged and won. In the tiny Republic of Djibouti which is basically a one-city state one strong man was ruling over there for nearly 20 years, and there are no signs he will ever be replaced by anybody else.

I strongly believe these dictatorships will never recognize Somaliland, but Somaliland is growing steadily and its democratic institutions are close to a maturity stage something our neighboring dictatorship fail to achieve, so as the internationally multilateral institutions are declining, and the dominant powers of the world are a precipice decline and marred by economic, political, and competition from other emerging states, Somaliland should not worry about this unfair, unjust, unscientific and arbitrary recognition .phenomenon Republic Somaliland needs to continue doing what they were doing, keep on building up our economy, exploitation of the country’s resources, and investing on our human capital.



Prof. Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer, political analyst and a senior science instructor



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