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Republic of Somaliland sovereignty and independence is moving with the speed of light and unstoppable | Suleiman Egeh

Sun 17 December 2017.

First of all I would like to congratulate the Republic of Somaliland’s 5thpresident and his vice-president Abdulrahman Abdullahi Sayllici. I am urging all Somalilanders of good will to help these two newly elected leaders. I commend the new president to appoint a relatively small cabinet; at the same time I am urging him to remove all the old guard from the current cabinet. Many of the old guard were professional power merchants who feast on the country’s meager public funds. I believe all former ministers of the former government should not serve in the new Musa Bihi’s government. The old guard was primarily unaccountable charlatans who did not stay in their offices for two consecutive hours of the day.

Mr. President I was disgusted when I saw some of the old guard were present among your new cabinet, the most striking among those is the minister of foreign minister. The Minister of foreign affairs is a well-trained economist, but he was someone working in the wrong place. Of all Somaliland ministers the ministry of foreign affairs is the least productive ministry. During his tenure as foreign minister Mr. Saad Ali Shire failed to articulate Somaliland cause to the world. Among all Somaliland ministries this ministry is the least productive and most fruitless ministry. This ministry has sent ineffective, uninformed and incompetent ambassadors to important posts of North America.

Somalilanders need to know we have so many enemies who determined for our destruction, therefore, we need to be vigilant and help the new government a chance to rule the country. We all know the Maverick Republic of Somaliland is surrounded from all sides by vicious dictators and for life presidents who see fair and free elections as existential threats. In front of you Mr. President are both tremendous challenges as well as great opportunities. I am encouraging you to take a leadership role in the construction of Borama Lowya-ado road. That is a major commercial artery which will be so helpful to the economy of our country.

Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century BC in the Greek city-state at the time known as a polis of Athens, comprising the city of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica, and is the first known democracy in the world. In the same token Somaliland democracy is a democracy blended with traditional attributes of peace-building, peace-making, consensus-building, peaceful conflict-resolution, transfer of power, peaceful coexistence, and the common good of the society. Somaliland Juggernaut Rocket is heading towards its orbit. So far the country has conducted 7 free and fair elections. The latest one held on 13th of November, 2017 was a highly sophisticated, high tech election that used ultramodern state of the art technology called Iris Biometric identification technology. This was the first time such a technology was used in the world. Currently Somaliland is the strongest democracy in Africa and beyond. Somaliland is an unprecedented, unique phenomenon not seen in the world. This is a defacto fully functioning state the broken and failed so-called international order denied their right for self-determination in the name of the now tumbling so-called world order set up by colonial and imperial powers in 1945. What formed in 1945 was a system based on the way they see the order of the world. The leading states that established the now-close to being defunct United Nations were looking the world through a colonial and imperial perspective. 

These countries created numerous unviable states most whom are failed if not already failed. Despite their denial of the self-determination of the people of Somaliland to their right for self-determination, they did not heed the dictates and orders of the declining colonial and imperial powers of the old world that is crumpling in front of our eyes. You can see Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, majority of African states, and many in Latin America are failed states. Somaliland’s success, peace, progress and its nascent blended democratic process is inevitably putting enormous pressure on the international order to recognize and acknowledge their independence and the superb work they already accomplished.

But whether they acknowledge or not Somaliland has built itself from a scratch a new form of democracy which is an amalgamation of indigenous as well as the universal democracy. Somaliland march towards development, prosperity, democracy, good governance, and to find itself under the sun is on course and unstoppable.


Prof. Suleiman Egeh a freelance writer and a senior science instructor




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