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“Please don’t blame yourself voting to Kulmiy,we all want a change.” said the elected president H.E.Muse Bihi. Dr.Obsieyeh.

Wed 06 December 2017.

We are all aware that most of the Somaliland Community had already predicted ahead the success of Kulmiye party (for the presidential election) so; it was not amazing to see that most of the Somaliland community had given the vote to Kulmiye party (55%).

Soon after the announcement  of the presidential election, the elected president H.E.Muse Bihi met the prominent members of KULMIYE party and In his speech he told them” please don’t blame yourself voting to Kulmiye party, we all want a change, you should not expect giving you thank giving positions!!”he concluded.(Fartaydii eedayeey ayaan la odhan!!). This special speech was the issue of debate for the last 2 weeks and the Somaliland community has got different explanation to this.

Most of the Somaliland community (including me) had realized and confirmed that the elected president H.E.Muse Bihi is a man of strong personality (as was already described by most of his colleagues and many prominent politicians) who can fulfill what he had said during the campaign. What was more interesting was the historical back ground of the elected president which Mr. Hassan Essa Jama—the former vice president of Egal regime had made a TV show last week. Mr.Essa on his  interview had talked about the hard working personality and the honest he had shown while in the national movement and in his old days in the Somaliland administration.

Still many others think that the success of the elected president is due to Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar who also took a great role in his campaign.What did Prof.Ahmed Ismail do? He had done a simple thing, but again was an important issue. He went round almost all the Somaliland regions / the main towns and made powerful speeches as he explained  the constitution of Kulmiye party/as well as the skill, experience and the competence of the chairman (of the Kulmiye) whom they can trust.

It is interesting to note here also another prominent sultan in the eastern region of Somaliland who has done a great job. Can you guess who this gentleman is? This gentleman is Sultan Buurmadow.I am not a politician ,but to my assumption Mr.Buurmadow had also knew the strong personality of the elected president H.E.Muse Bihi and for this reason he immediately travelled to many of his native towns/villages and gave a green line the supporters of kulmiye party. Finally I would like to congratulate the two chairmen of the opposition party Mr.Faysal Ali  and Mr.Aabdirahma Cirro who had congratulated the elected president HE.Muse Bihi.Of course we cannot expect the whole perfection, but I am sure the elected president is the right person  to whom we entrust our lives and to our children’s for the next ten years. Long life Somaliland. Wish peace and love.
                                                                                    BY.Dr.Abdi Elmi Obsiyeh.
                                                                                   Borma, Awdal region.Somaliland.        date.;5/12/2017.



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