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Presidential elections (Somaliland) the successful Installation the use and the implementation of the Iris Biometric technology

Sun 19 November 2017.

Your Excellency; Mr. Abdurrahman Cirro you need to concede defeat and respectfully accept the election results.


Before I got into my information and analysis regarding the free and fair election that has taken place on 13th of November, 2017. I would like to send a word of advice to Wadani. I am urging Wadani party and its leaders to stop the baseless propaganda they are waging, and accept the results to be forwarded by the election committee. They need to stop their propaganda and the defamation of the election committee who are a non-partisan entity selected from all parts of the Republic of Somaliland. I am urging Wadani not to destroy themselves and their dignity. I am urging Mr. Abdurrahman Cirro that election is over, and Kulmiye part has won fair and square. The more your drag and try to stall the election results to be postponed the more you are destroying your dignity.  If you care about this country, people, and your future you need to respectfully concede defeat, and congratulate Kulmiye party. If you insist on your baseless fabrication and propaganda; the more you drag out and use of your delaying tactics of the announcement of election results; the more you damage your dignity.

Te Republic of Somaliland was the first country to use the IRIS Biometric Technology. This is a state of the art system that is a combination of both identification and voting. Somaliland is a mature democracy which is more advanced than all of Africa and many other countries including some so-called advanced ones.The Somaliland presidential elections have happened in a peaceful manner throughout the country. Since the early morning of the 13th of November; the citizens of Somaliland have flocked to polling stations and one can see people forming long lines. Some of the people in those lines have stayed in those lines for more than five hours. Moreover, all people in those lines were peaceful and polite.

Excellent services were given to the weak, the elderly and people of special needs. The way this election was held, the signing of United Arab DP World, and other achievements will increase the pressure on the so-called international  community to recognize this maverick, and unique state that has emerged in the Horn of Africa.  Mahatma Gandhi Fought for the freedom of India, Ho Ch Minh Fought against three major colonial and imperial powers, Japan, the United States and France and forced them to make Vietnam an independent country.

Somaliland has waged a war of liberation to regain and its lost independence.  That freedom for over 25 years of independence has led to a one man one vote system where every citizen can participate in the election of the president of Somaliland. What has happened in Somaliland is an unprecedented episode that so new in Africa. Somaliland’s democracy has allowed its citizen to participate in one man one vote exercise to elect the next president of the country. What paved the way for that monumental opportunity that can’t happen in Africa, Middle East, and most of the world is the nascent Somaliland democracy.  Somaliland is a new phenomenon just started in late the 20th century; to be continued in the 21st century where the old arbitrary colonial borders created by European colonial powers are crumbling and a natural realignment of the world will s slowly, but surely happening. November 13, the old; corrupt, and troubled world, the crumpling world order put in place in 1945 by the formation of the so-called vestige of the old colonial world was watching a nascent, maverick country; outside their crumpling order exhibiting a real democracy in action. That troubled world led by the so-called United Nations got a rude awakening.

They were so shocked how a country they refused to recognize its independence is moving on without them.  Somaliland Republic is a self-reliant and self-sustaining country that has refused the dictations of unelected UN bureaucrats, refused to listen to the highly paid U.N. consultants, so-called experts, international mercenaries and took care of itself. The broken world has been watching a maverick country taking its place under the sun. Somaliland is a resilient country put forth a teaching moment for the world.  Somaliland Republic takes care of itself without any foreign help. They are in full control of the their security, governance, affairs, and destiny.   

Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor.






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