Vehement Condemnation of the Savages who killed the Awdal officers in Sanag: The officers were senior members of the Somaliland security forces | Suleiman Egeh

Sun 05 May 2019.

On behalf of all Diaspora all the Awdal Salel/Gabiley in North America; we are hereby condemning the primitive savages who cold blooded assassinated and ambushed Awdal officers for no reason. These officers were over there for peace keeping operations regarding the two Isaak subgroups that have been fighting each other for a very long time. Ironically the leader of the joint Awdal/Salel/Gabily sultans Honorable Mohamed Jama Dawal was over there for the finalization of peace agreement between the said sub-tribes. These officers were killed for no reason. 

We also seek the immediate resignation of the useless minister of the interior who never hid his anti-Gadaboursi sentiments, and who miserably failed to send a rescue mission following when these officers were attacked by blood thirsty savages. 

According to reliable reports the officers were calling for a rescue mission that could evacuate them from that terrible war zone for 5 days. We demand Somaliland government to bring these cowardly killers immediately; otherwise this may lead to huge unpredictable circumstances between Gadaboursi and Isaak. The only way to cool down this combustible situation regarding the savage and unprovoked murder is to bring these killers to justice and carry death penalty on them.

These cowardly savages should be brought in front of a death squad, and anything less than that will plunge the country into unprecedented crisis which nobody wants. The Gadaboursi nation is civilized and tolerant people, but in this incident at this time they ran out of patience. If nothing will be done from this despicable act, the Gadabourds nation has no choice but will seek revenge and take things into their hands.


Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor. 


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