Addis Ababa's Handpicked man in Jigjiga appears to be a prototype of the old criminal regime | Suleiman Egeh

Fri 01 March 2019.

The new guy handpicked guy in Jigjiga by Addis Ababa is following the footsteps of the former criminal, who destroyed the so-called Somali region (Haud and Reserved Area, Guru-Issa region and the Ogaden). The way the new handpicked man in Jigjiga selected his cabinets and filling varieties of government positions in the region is unfair, unequal, and arbitrary and did not reflect the communities of the region. This is the 21st century and people are conscious of their rights and no tyrant whatever his power will stop people to acquire the rights, freedom of expression, and the right to run their affairs.

The Sheed Dheer incident was a manifestation of self-determination, fearlessness, and real non-violent civil disobedience. What had happened in Sheed Dheer is a tip of the iceberg, more Sheed Dheer. The people of Sheed Dheer and other places are fed up of the lackeys of tyrants selected by remote control who came from far off of places who control their lives and destiny.

Tyrants never understand the people. The new selected in Jigjiga is a real prototype of the former criminal gangsters who destroyed the place at will, while the Tigray criminals were just watching.  Multiple Sheed Dheers and even demand for total liberation will come. The people of Had/Reserve area, Isa/Gurgura, and other parts of the so-called Somali “Kilin” will not accept an illegitimate viceroy controlling them through delegation. The former criminal gangster who ruled the place through delegation of the Tigrays was the worst lackey tyrant ever who set foot on the area. If one man one vote will not transpire and people at the echelons and power will not come through the ballot box, the selected colonial administration lackeys can’t rule over the indigenous people of the area.

The former criminal gangster who terrorized the place was handpicked by the Tigray who tolerated the lackey who killed and torture hundreds of innocent civilians if not thousands it will with no consequences. The people of Awbare, Harawa, Lafa Isse, Arabi, Danbal, Shinileh, Hera Geel, Tuligulied, Harshin, Baboli, Gashaamo, Aware, Shinleh, Diredawa, Moyale and many other places will no longer accept to be ruled by illegitimate viceroys selected by the colonial administration in Addis Abba. 





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