Let all Give our Unwavering Support to the king of the Gadaboursi Nation Who Called Us: Adal will be Back and freedom must ring in all Samaroon country | Suleiman Egeh

Tue 29 January 2019.


The Gadabuursi nation is a nation with a very long history of self government, self-sufficiency, and long standing tradition of having sultans or Kings. The Gadaboursi are devoted Somalilanders, Djiboutians, and Gadaboursi-Ethiopians. They played a pivotal role in the Ifet and the Adal empire civilizations. The Gadaboursi historically use the title of Ugas which means sultan or king. Traditionally the Gadaboursi are primarily farmers engaged in agriculture, but there are also a good number of them who were also pastoralists who raise cattle, sheep, goats, and camels. The Gadaboursi nation inhabits many parts of the Horn of Africa.  Based on a book “The Saho of Eritrea” written by an Eritrean professor and author by the name of Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad, which I personally read; the “Gadafur” a branch of the Saho of Eriteria are related to the Gadaboursi nation, there are also some Afar tribes that are related to the Gadaboursi. Moreover, a good number of the Oromo nation also has Gadaboursi origin. The Gadabuursi is the second largest sub-clan in the Somali-inhabiting region of Ethiopia based on Ethiopian nation’s population census. Outside of the Somali region, they also live in the Oromia region  in places such as Awasha Valley, Hadami, the Afar region, and many other places.

 At the present the Gadaboursi holds vice-presidency in the Republic of Somaliland and at same time holds prominent positions both the Federal Government of Ethiopian and Djibouti. The Gadaboursi are among the well-educated per capita community in the Horn of Africa. There is much injustice going on in the Horn of Africa region for a long time. The Gadaboursi believe that will not and should not continue anymore, and they will stand firmly and strongly for their rights in the entire places they reside. In the so-called Somali region of Ethiopia they believe nothing changed and the former criminal who destroyed the place and the current selected person over there are the same and there is no difference between them. Today the Gadaboursi nations are stronger than ever before and they will seek their rights through peaceful means or any other means necessary if it becomes necessary.

 First of all I congratulate the call of our king (Ugas). The Gadaboursi kingdom is an ancient kingdom that spans for over thousands of years. This was the kingdom that played a pivotal rule in the Ifet and Adal empires of the yesteryear. This people have a very long civilization which is evident in their manners, education, folklore, the historical are sites so prevalent in Awdal, Salal, Awbarre, Darbiyada, old Amoud, Harar, Diredawa and many other places. The ruins of the Ifet and Adal empires are everywhere in the Gadaboursi land. These people are polite, advanced, soft-spoken and well-educated nation, but the region they live is replete with dictatorships, and other noisy groups who are so loud and brash. I think it is high time the Gadaboursi nation will also pursue their interest and rights by any means necessary. At this point we need to seek our rights aggressively in the changing Ethiopia. Our focus at this point should be Ethiopia. We have a very long history in Ethiopia from Menelik to Meles era. We will no longer allow others to lord over us in our land.


Suleiman Egeh is a senior science instructor, and a freelance writer 



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