So-called Djibouti Forum was Nothing but a Hate Fest against the Republic of Somaliland - Suleiman Egeh

Sun 06 January 2019.

Introduction/Background Information

I vehemently disagree with their policy, mission, and vision because they are not independent, non-profit or non-partisan, their actions are partial, biased towards the Mogadishu regime and vehemently advocate for them. They also look like a public relations organ of the above regime. Heritage is an operative of the stateless Mogadishu coterie. This group has been founded few years ago. It’s an organ, an operative or an extension of the Mogadishu regime. The group   got funding from the UN, other groups and their mission is to polish the bad image of the internationally selected coterie of Mogadishu who never succeeded to create a viable self-sustaining state.  This group is basically a public relations group for Mogadishu regime, who are the same time part and parcel of that group.  The Somaliland hate vest they held in Djibouti is not different than the many hate fests or image building forums they hold in different places. I believe these forums will change nothing in Mogadishu and they will never have any effect on Somaliland, on the contrary they will even harden the attitudes and resolve of Somalilanders towards the different internationally selected Mogadishu governments.  These types of forums and other propaganda organs of the Mogadishu coterie will help Somaliland. They make Somalilanders fully understand the depth of the virulence, and the chronic animosity the Mogadishu regime has towards them.

The so-called meeting of representatives from all Somali speaking world was a Somaliland hate vest organized by the stateless Mogadishu Coterie; disguised under a fake organization called Heritage. The haplessness and incompetence of the group was manifested in all of their actions. When you are trying to deceive someone you need to show a little more intelligence of disguising your intentions. The forum was organized by Farmajo and his diminishing followers in Mogadishu. The purpose was to distract the continuing bad news from Mogadishu. They have invited about 150 people, and out of those 150, 120 of them were invited from the Mogadishu regime holed up in villa Somalia who does not control the rest of the city. I wonder what stopped them to hold the meeting in Mogadishu. Only 3 individuals were invited from the Republic of Somaliland. The whole idea behind that Mogadishu forum was propaganda, one-sided disparagement of Somaliland, and the distraction from their endless woes and problems. The UN selected regime in Mogadishu who can’t even control Mogadishu, whose only their very existence depends on the presence of 22, 000 soldiers from Africa do not have the capacity, the wherewithal, and the moral cues to call all Somalis for a forum.

They would have to focus to bring back peace to their land, work on conflict resolution between the Mogadishu coterie and their regions. What they are doing is an exercise on futility. First of all hate fests like that in Djibouti will show Somalilanders the thinking, attitude and the chronic hate these groups harbor for Somaliland and its people. It will tell Somalilanders to be stronger and will encourage them to be more vigilant to preserve their independence, existence and self-determination.

The three individual Somalilanders who were invited in that place should have rejected and declined regarding the so-called invitation. Their invitation was cosmetic. They were invited so the Mogadishu organizers were trying to portray their Mogadishu forum as a forum for all Somalis. I think they did that because they were trying to show a fake picture to their fanciers and sponsors, but their intentions were never to bring together all Somalis.  Let me tell these hapless organizers Somaliland will never come back with any type of negotiations, endless and baseless propaganda, and the formation of fake front operatives and organizations. Somaliland can’t even come back by a force numbering in the hundreds of thousands with modern equipment, which by the way Somalilanders will even defeat that force. So, I am advising the leaders of the Mogadishu coterie to mind their business and focus on their affairs. They need to work hard to make their land safe and build a viable government that pulls them out of the hole they dug for themselves.  


Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor


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