Somaliland is a established sovereign state and can and will not heed those beating up the drums of tribalism, baseless lies by suleiman Egeh

Thu 06 September 2018.

Shacbiga Somaliland Way Arkayaan Waanay Ka Dhirigsan Yi Heen Buuba iyo kuwa Lamid Ka Ihi Waxay Ay Wadaan Iyo Durmaanka Qabyaaladeed Ay Tumayaan



 “Ask not what your country does you; ask what you do for your country.” President John F. Kennedy. (Ha Iswaydiin Muxuu Wadan Kaagu Kuu Qabtay Waxad Iswaydii Saa Waxaad Wadan Kaaga Uqabtay.” 

The Republic of Somaliland is a sovereign nation among the nations of the world. Since Somaliland has re-required its lost independence the country has embarked in a massive democratization process whereby three political parties have been formed. The country has witnessed the peaceful transition of 5 presidents. It also went through three direct presidential, two parliamentary, and two municipal elections. The first two presidents their Excellencies Abdurrahman Ahmed Ali, and Mohamed Hajji Ibrahim Egal were elected by a traditional communal process that has been taken place in a large gathering of traditional leaders of the country. Nationalism means putting everything before the country. Nationalism means taking care of your country and people. Nationalism does not mean getting political gain. It does not mean preferring the pursuit of personal interest to personal gain. It does not mean trashing the country because you did not get what you want. I am warning these people not to be overcome egoism and personal interest. You should not be blinded by crazy political ambitions which you want to realize by any means necessary, even If that means destabilizing the country.

I believe what Buuba and supporters are trying to achieve is disrupting and the destabilizing the country, but the people of Somalailand will never allow them do that. In response the people of Somaliland and their government will not wait and standby the endless antics and the dissemination of baseless lies against the country. I believe Buuba has already crossed the boundaries of decency, the rule of law and the due process. Moreover, Wadani a major opposition party needs to clarify its position regarding the renegade military man called ( Aare) who joined the enemy, Buuba and other shady characters in their party. If Wadani wants to remain a national party, they need to stop their disruptive, childish antics and subversive activities. They must know the people of Somaliland are intelligent people, who will never fall for some of the lies some of their officials including the chairman Iro are disseminating.

They need to be either a responsible major opposition party or a rogue party populated by irrational and anti-Somaliland figures. The last presidential elections were blessed by all the international observers who declared them as fair and free, therefore, I am so surprised why Wadani and their members such as Buuba are pushing a dead horse. Those presidential elections have ended long time and they need to look forward to the coming elections and stop their baseless blanket complaints. The irresponsible and baseless assertions put forth by Buuba caused a lot of uproar and bush back against him and Wadani. These baseless assertions are not based on any evidence of presidential election fraud. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that Buuba was a man who was a vehement opponent of Somaliland for the last 2o years, and according to his statements and political positions I believe he has hidden agendas and still espouses radical anti-Somaliland sentiments.



Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer and a senior science instructor


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